The Secret Behind
Great Brands

Great Brands Follow Simple, Yet Effective Frameworks

Ever since we started UD Asia, we’ve always been so curious as to how great brands are made, and most importantly, how can we replicate the process in a much much simpler way?

Enter Brand Sprint by Google Ventures. Hooked on its simplicity, we started testing it with our clients. The results were straightforward, and made our job designing their brand much easier. Above all, they had a tangible brand strategy plan. We were happy, and so were they.

THEN! As any other business would, we evolved. Again. We realized that in this age, social media is
EVERYTHING. So we wondered, how do famous brands and people on social media come up with quality contents, daily? So, again, we tried to crack the “science” behind creating valuable content that turns followers into fans.

We stumbled upon Joe Pulizziʼs Content Inc. Model, and began tweaking it to become what is Content Sprint. And we havenʼt looked back since. One thing weʼve realized is that before you want sell, you need!

Explore the Sprints That Can Benefit Your Business

Google Ventures
Brand Sprint

1-day training to figure out your brand strategy, turn the abstract ideas you have about your brand into something more concrete. Compress potentially weeks worth of guesswork into a single day. ​

Content Sprint

A step-by-step process that helps brands build massive audience and grow their business by leveraging on the power of branded content.​