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Ever since we started UD Asia, we’ve always been so curious as to how great brands are made, and most importantly, how can we replicate the process in a much much simpler way?

A Framework Trusted by Over 10,000 Companies

If you struggle with any of these, you need a Brand Sprint session

If you just started your business and are unsure how to position yourselves

Your customers donʼt remember your company

Your sales team has unclear pitch about the business

Everyone in the company seems to see the business in their own way

You are clueless whenever someone asks what you do

You spend a lot of time explaining your business

Your social media effort looks like a college kid’s work

You struggle to land partnerships with other businesses

You donʼt know what is the long term picture of your brand

What Does A Brand Sprint Look Like?

Now, to be clear, we didn’t invent these ideas or exercises. Instead, the Brand Sprint borrows from great thinkers about branding. Laura’s favorite examples include Steve Jobs’s 1997 internal meeting at Apple, Stewart Butterfield’s essay We Don’t Sell Saddles Here, Simon Sinek’s TED talk How Great Leaders Inspire Action, Phil Knight’s Nike memoir Shoe Dog, and the work of the excellent identity agency Hello Monday. If these materials are the greatest hits, the Brand Sprint is our mix tape.

Brand Sprint process

The Brand Sprint consists of six exercises:

What is the Exact Outcome?

The outcome of every Brand Sprint is a tangible brand strategy plan, with clear insights on what to do next, and get your team to be on the same page.

What Happens After A Brand Sprint?

Once you have an actionable brand strategy, with everyone understanding what the brand really is, making decisions becomes a lot easier.

Design Better

You could proceed with designing your brand assets without any hesitation

Marketing Guidelines

You will have a set of guidelines to help you market your product in a manner that works

Clarify Confusion

Get everybody on the same page on the direction of the business and how the business should be perceived

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